The Michigan Recruitment & Retention Network is a team of individuals, dedicated to the personal and professional development of its members. We are committed to provide our members opportunities to grow and enhance both their personal and professional development through education meetings, forums that encourage the flow of communication and exchange of ideas and access to informational resources.

Membership shall be open to individuals who are directly involved in and have primary responsibility for the recruitment, retention, or acquisition of physicians and/or other medical staff and who are employed to do so by a hospital, hospital system, clinic, practice, managed care organization, or not for profit health care association.

Our Mission

The Michigan Recruitment & Retention Network is a "model of excellence" whose commitment to collaboration, education and professionalism is reflected in its membership throughout the State of Michigan. Through networking and educational development we seek to minimize risks and maintain a selective, knowledgeable approach to the recruitment, retention and acquisition of physicians and allied health care providers.